Mycroft and AMHS Wildcats beat Quincy for 2nd consecutive State Title 

Freshman goalkeeper and star of both tonight’s championship and yesterday’s semi-final Daniel Mycroft had all the ladies lined up for a photo with him after the game. A transfer to Murphy at the beginning of second semester, Mycroft won the game with a phenomenal blocked PK during tonight’s shootout against Quincy. 

This year’s 2A state championship was very different from last year’s. Where last year a 3-0 victory was clinched early on by the boys, this year the fight kept going until the very end. 

Both Archbishop Murphy and Quincy had several shots throughout the game, but a goal didn’t come until the 51st minute. The Jackrabbits netted their goal under a diving Mycroft towards the left goalpost. Their lead was shortlived however, because 5 minutes later a PK from Diego Rios richocheted off of Parker Buchanan’s head and found a diving Matt Williams who headed it into the back of the net. 

The intensity only increased after both teams had scored. But neither team was able to capitalize again despite multiple attempts. There was a total of 3 yellow cards in the game, two for Archbishop Murphy and one for Quincy. 

During both overtime periods, the Wildcats took shots from as far as 40 yards out, on what I’m assuming were  Coach Bartley’s orders. Neither team was able to score however, and the game came down to the all too familiar set of shootout penalty kicks. 

Rios, Williams, Jake Snider, and Jensen Crisler netted their PKs. The Jackrabbits goalie blocked Buchanan’s shot. Mycroft knocked away both the 3rd and last of Quincy’s PKs, giving the Wildcats their second consecutive state title with a 2-1 (4-3 shoot out) win. 

The Archishop Murphy boys soccer team claimed 4 titles this year (league, district, academic, and state) and finished 21-1. Needless to say, we are all extremely proud of our team, especially our D1-bound goalie, Daniel Mycroft. 


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