Girls Soccer Overcomes Burlington-Edison in OT 

It’s halftime. 

We stand as a team on the field, shivering and angry. We are losing 2-0 to a team we have been told we should beat. A team we know we can beat. But something just isn’t right. 

“Sometimes it takes a little while for us to get the hang of things; the emotion everyone is feeling, the surface we are playing on, these are the things that make each game different,” senior captain Caroline Adams commented. 

The team takes the field for the second half, with some slight adjustments. But those adjustments make all the difference; it’s like watching a different team play. Even so, we still aren’t  quite at our potential, that maximum we know we can reach. 

Until sophomore left wing Lexie Klaudt found the back of the net. “Once that first goal went in, everyone realized we had an awesome opportunity to pull off a major upset.” her teammate, Emily Schwartz, said. 

Klaudt herself also added, “The momentum of the game changed. I knew that we were still in it and all we would have to do was give 110% and play our game.” The sophomore has suffered multiple injuries in the previous two games but when asked about them she merely said, “Pain is a mentality. I was hesitant about playing, but I wanted to give all that I had for this team.”

The tieing goal came from Adams, and the Wildcats held it out to end regulation 2-2. 

And there we were again, standing on the field, shivering, basically in a 0-0 game, needing a golden goal to live another day. For the seniors on the team, motivation came from the fact that this could’ve been their last game as Wildcats. 

Building off the momentum gained in the second half, the Wildcats took the field again, playing the way we had been waiting for them to: fast, aggressive, and disciplined. All we needed was one goal. 

With only a couple minutes left in the first overtime session, Klaudtt hit the net off a ball from Adams to end the game, 3-2. Everyone jumped from the bench, screaming, crying, and laughing as we hugged each other, knowing we survived to see another day. 

Girls soccer lives on Thursday at Liberty High School, 5pm vs Sehome. 


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