Fall Sports Wrap-Up: The Lessons We’ve Learned 

Archbishop Murphy’s 2016 fall sports season was easily one of the most exciting in school history. Every sport saw a state berth, and three saw top 3 rankings. But this season was more than just competition, it was learning about ourselves, our teammates, and our school. 

Football: Adversity makes us better. 

I’m sure a recap of everything the football team went through this year is unnecessary, as it was broadcast and talked about internationally. Through all of the season’s drama however, the team grew even closer and more focused. And in the end, they won Archbishop Murphy their first 2A state title which was exactly what they set out to do, proving that adversity can make us better. 

Girls Soccer: Never stop believing. 

As a member of the team, I’m allowed to say that at the beginning of the season, none of us thought we’d make it to districts. The idea of us going to state was something to laugh about. But as the season went on, and the team made adjustments, we started winning more and making comebacks that seemed impossible. In the final stretch from districts to state, we didn’t stop believing in ourselves and each other and we ended up placing 3rd in the state competition. 

Volleyball: Things don’t always work out the way we expect them to, and that’s okay. 

Going into the 2016 season, the Wildcat volleyball team was a top contender for the state title. With such a stellar team, it seemed inevitable. But in the end, after going undefeated the entire season, the team lost in the semi-finals to Tumwater, who went on to win the state title. After the loss, however, they bounced back and still placed third, the highest AMHS volleyball has placed since 2009 and three places higher than they placed in 2015. Things didn’t necessarily work out the way they, and almost everyone else, expected them to, but it worked out in the end and they made the school proud. 

Cross Country & Girls Swim: Hard Work Pays Off 

The Wildcat cross country team sent two runners to the state competition this year, junior Josh Rauvola and senior Teresa Barron. Both pack difficult school schedules and Josh has a history of injury.  But due to the work they put in throughout the season, the pair were both top competitors in the state meet, Josh placing 2nd and Teresa 29th out of over 100. For girls swim, junior Caroline Kowalchuck’s hard work throughout the school season and her club season also paid off; she placed 7th in the 200 free and 6th in the 500 free. 

Boys Tennis: Effort and dedication is key. 

The Archbishop Murphy boys tennis team is easily the proudest team at the school. Although not the winningest, members never talk bad about their team or the game and always give 100% to the commitment they made. They teach us each year that being dedicated to your sport and putting effort into it makes it more enjoyable and builds a brotherhood. 


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