Player Profile: Barret Floyd

Barret Floyd

Class of 2018



Floyd started wrestling in 6th grade after failing to make the schools basketball team. “I was awful at basketball, but luckily wrestling stuck.” His favorite move is called the Cow Catcher, which involves a front headlock and an underhook, and can typically result in a pin. The move is his favorite because it was the first move he achieved a pin from and is the one he uses most often to pin his opponents.

“The biggest misconception about wrestling is how difficult it is. Wrestling practice, let alone a wrestling match, have been some of the most physically demanding moments of my life.” Floyd explained.

He also explained that he loves the sport because of his teammates. “I’m not good enough to be a state champ. I like wrestling because every day during practice, when I am sweating or sometimes bleeding, I look to the left and right and see my boys. I know that they’re going through the same thing.” Floyd also told me about some of his favorite memories with the team, including eating burgers late at night and pulling each other around in an old truck tire.

Floyd is also a leading member of the cross country team.



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