Macho Volleyball

On one side of the court, Eat My Ace huddles anxiously during time out. Decked all out in their NBA jerseys, seniors Paul Schireman, Lucas Dini, Ben Harasek, Connor O’Brien, Riley Quinton, Will Doud, Chase Whittaker and Connor Johnson hope to take down Sets on a Beach for the championship. Across the court, wearing brightly colored swim shorts stand seniors Matt Williams, Jensen Crisler, Joseph Doyle, Keaton Weyers and juniors Trey Miller and Ben Hines.

Early in the match, Doud said, “Numbers don’t mean anything. Minor setback for a major comeback.” Although the game was close until the end, Eat My Ace pulled out the win over Sets at a Beach 25-23.

Throughout the evening there was never a lack of energy on the courts, even when teams weren’t doing so well. Between the decorated, ripped up t-shirts, breaking of rules, and lack of shorts, a fun night was had by all in support for Operation Rice Bowl, Archbishop Murphy’s Lenten fundraiser. Other events contributing the fundraiser later this month include the Mr. Murphy Pageant, bunco night, and powderpuff football.

Other competing teams:


Cabin Boyz 0-2, TBD 1-1, Brick Squad 1-1, Mongols 0-2


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