Player Profile: Mackenzie Ryan

It’s safe to say that most people wouldn’t believe that senior Mackenzie Ryan has only become an avid runner since freshman year—she’s one of the best runners in the senior class. However, it’s the truth. “Everything started after I broke a 6 minute mile for the first time my freshman year,” Mackenzie said. Now she’s been a captain for both the cross country and track teams, runs year round when her health allows her to do so, and is a pre- and post-race nutrition queen.

“As a senior, I just want to set an example for the team to always, always, always do their best whatever the situation may be,” she told me, hoping that she’s able to pass that legacy on after she leaves.

Runner’s spend the whole year training, typically only taking 4 weeks off a year. Archbishop Murphy’s teams alternate easy runs, long runs, speed workouts, tempo runs, and cross training such as swimming and biking in order to not wear themselves and their muscles out. They also spend time in the weight room with AMHS’ IRG certified trainer Coach Jordan.

Mackenzie’s favorite part of preparing for track meets though? Definitely the food. “Team pasta dinners before invites are the best. Pasta before any race is essential,” she laughed, “I love a smoothie post race.”

When it comes to traditions and inspiration, there’s one person very close to Mackenzie’s heart. “I’ll forever admire Kristi Bartz’s selflessness and positivity, as well as her ambition to perform,” she said. Kristi, a senior captain for the track team Mackenzie’s freshman year, passed away in an accident that spring during the season. The two ran similar events and trained together during practice.

The 3200m (2 mile) race is Mackenzie’s favorite. She loves endurance races, and the strategy required to run the 2 mile adds to her love for it. Although she’s still building back up to running the 2 mile at meets after some health issues earlier this year, Mackenzie hopes to return to the event later in the season.



Wildcat Soccer Team tops Greyhounds in 1st Round of State

On a gray afternoon, the Wildcat boy’s soccer team took on the Grandview Greyhounds for the first round of the 2A state tournament. Parents, siblings back from college, and classmates packed the stands in what turned out to be a typical AMHS boy’s soccer game for this year: a blowout. Every player on the roster received playing time, and the Wildcats won the game 6-1.

The first goal for the Wildcats came from junior Sam Johnson off the right side of the field, 6 minutes into the game. This was quickly followed by a goal from Isaac Feeney, also  a junior, in the 11th minute. The only other action in the first half came in the form of 2 yellow cards; one for a Greyhound and one for senior Mitchell Lovell.

The second half provided more action.

Only a minute after kickoff, senior Chase Whittaker volleyed in a beautiful goal from the top of the D-ring. In similar fashion to the first half, 5 minutes later (46′) Matt Williams (sr) bypassed 2 defenders to add one more to the scoreboard. 4-0. The next 2 goals came from Grandview, however only 1 of those goals was for their team. In the 52nd minute, Williams took another ball up top to the Greyhounds’ goal and, after shooting it, a Grandview player helped finish it into the goal. The Greyhounds did put one of their own in the AMHS net though in minute 52 after a free kick and some confusion in the box, keeping it from being another Wildcat shutout. The final goal of the game was an absolute laser by Feeney from the 20 yard line to the bottom left corner of the goal.

With a 6-1 win, the Wildcats advance to the 2A State Quarter-Finals for the 3rd year in a row.

The Wildcats are currently undefeated and have a goals for to goals against ratio of 18 to 1. That’s phenomenal, in case you were wondering.


The Multi-Talented Members of Wildcat Basketball

Students at Archbishop Murphy are generally very involved in school activities. With the multitude of sports, electives, and extra-curricular activities at AMHS, it’s not hard to find one or more things you enjoy being involved in, or at least think would look good on your college transcript.

One place it’s easy to see the crop of multi-talented students Archbishop Murphy boasts is within it’s girls and boys basketball programs. Several players are multi-sport athletes with offers from colleges, and a few also participate in academic clubs and leadership roles. Let’s take a look at these players.

Megan Dorney (jr; F): Dorney ran varsity cross country this season, placing 7th in conference and 39th in districts. She was named 1st team all-conference. Dorney is also a member of AMHS Deca.

Chloe Morrison (sr): Morrison has been a member of the Wildcat Band for a few years at AMHS. She plays the clarinet.

Hannah Noceda (sr; G): Noceda has played soccer for the Wildcats all 4 of her years here. This year the team took 3rd in the state competition.

Jamie Cymbaluk (sr; F):  Cymbaluk, a forward for the Wildcat girls JV team, was starting outside hitter for the volleyball team this season as they led a 21-1 season and placed 3rd in the state. She was named 1st team all league for this season. Next fall, she has committed to play at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego.

Abe Lucas (sr; C): Lucas is just as much as a powerhouse on the basketball court as he was this season on the football field, thanks in part to his height (6’8″). He’s a dominant point scorer for the basketball team, a much different role than he’s used to on the football field, where he plays outside tackle and defensive end. Lucas has committed to Washington State University to play football.

Sam Johnson (jr; G): Johnson’s main sport is soccer, which he plays at AMHS and for his Rush team. Last season he was named 1st team all conference and 2nd team all state as a defender while the team coasted to their second 2A state title in a row. Johnson has also been a class officer all three of his years so far at AMHS.

Kyler Gordon (jr; W): Gordon is best known for being a phenomenal talent on the football field. Already boasting offers from the University of Oregon, UCLA, and the University of Washington, he has one more year to play at Archbishop Murphy, where he is also famous for his celebratory back flips.

Connor Johnson (sr; F): Johnson was the starting varsity quarterback for the Wildcats his junior and senior seasons. Over those 2 seasons he passed for a total of 3,352 yards and had 44 passing TDs. He was a leader on and off the field this year, keeping the team lighthearted as they faced unforeseeable difficulties during the season. Johnson currently has 3 offers to play college ball.

Jackson Yost (sr; PF): Yost has played defensive tackle on the AMHS varsity team for 3 years. He currently has offers from multiple schools, including Columbia and Dartmouth. Yost is also an ASB officer this year.

Anfernee Gurley (sr; G): Gurley dominated the football field this season, helping to lead the Wildcats to their first 2A state title despite the teams tumultuous season. This year he had a total of 1,432 rushing yards and 1,501 receiving yards. Recently, he committed to play football at Eastern Washington University.

Both the girls and boys varsity teams are currently 5-2, with games and tournaments scheduled over the break before resuming conference games in January. I’ve heard from several players that they are confident in this season, both the boys and the girls, their teammates, and their coaches. Make sure to get out and watch them before the season is over.

*F,G,C,PF and W denote players basketball position

**stats have been taken from

AMHS Wildcats win State Semi-Final in shootout 

Wildcat fans held hands anxiously as what would be the final Sehome player stepped up to shoot. Freshman goal keeper Daniel Mycroft ritualistically walked around the goal and kicked each post before planting himself in the middle. The ball was set. 

The Archbishop Murphy Wildcats faced off against the Sehome Mariners in tonight’s 2A state semi-final. Tied until the sixth set of shootout PKs, the Wildcats managed to win off an amazing save by Mycroft. Some WIAA officials were heard after the game saying that, “This was the championship.” And let me tell you, it sure felt like it. 

The wind blew hard against Archbishop Murphy for the entire first half. You could tell from the start it was going to be a long game. With 13 minutes left in the first half, the Mariners had two consecutive penalty kicks outside the 18 yard line, the first saved by Mycroft and the second headed away by junior Diego Rios. The score was 0-0 at halftime. 

In the second half, Mycroft had the ball illegally batted out of his hands by Sehome and the Wildcats were given a goal kick (’65). Two minutes later, a shot richocheted off the post a couple times, with kicks coming from both Rios and a Sehome player, until Mycroft fell on the ball. Gabe Weight (#15, Sehome) received the only yellow card of the game after fouling forward Matt Williams (’75). Later, Weight left the game with a shoulder injury. Regulation ended in a 0-0 tie. 

WIAA rules state that in the case of a tie, two 5 minute overtime periods will be played until one team scores a “golden goal”. After that, it goes to a shootout. 

Both teams came out strong for the first overtime period, the Wildcats mainly on defense against a powerful Sehome. With 38 seconds left, an Archbishop Murphy foul gave the Mariners a penalty kick, just around the 18 yard line. The shot was missed and a corner kick followed. Period one of overtime ended. 

The ball bounced around both sides of the field during the second overtime as Wildcat fans prayed a goal would end the game before a shootout. It didn’t. 

The coaches selected their players, and they stood at midfield, anticipating their turn to possibly win the game for their team. Rios started the Wildcat lineup off strong, netting our first goal. Mycroft stepped up next to defend, successfully blocking Sehome’s first attempt. Williams and Noah Byford (#16, Sehome) made the next two goals, bringing the score to 2-1. A shot by junior Jake Snider hit the post; Mason Rathkamp (#10, Sehome) sunk another goal. 2-2. Jensen Crisler and Parker Buchanan, both captains, tacked on a point each to the score. Kevin Sun and Kiefer Thomas (#12, #14) did the same. 4-4. Mitchell Lovell stepped up next, and although his goal was deflected at first by Sehome goalkeeper, it went in. 5-4. All Mycroft had to do was make this save and Archbishop Murphy would be sent to the state championship for the second year in a row. 

The Archbishop Murphy Wildcats are going back folks. Thanks to a strong team and a phenomenal showing by freshman goalkeeper Daniel Mycroft, they Wildcats are going back to the 2A State Boys Soccer Championship. 

Sophomore Sam Johnson was awarded post-game for his sportsmanship on the field.

Tomorrow at 5pm they will face off against either Quincy or Lindbergh at Sunset Chevrolet Stadium in Sumner.