Not All Athletes

Watch any TV show or movie that takes place at or revolves around a high school, and one of the lead characters is an athlete. “Jock” is just one of those stereotypes that seems to always be in the forefront. But not everyone in high school is a jock. And for some, not being an athlete wasn’t a choice.

Katherine Mozingo is a senior at AMHS. She is a member of the National Honor Society, DECA, the robotics team, and leads on many of the school’s spiritual retreats. At one point in her life, she was an athlete, but after an injury she was left unable to participate in high school sports.

Mozingo was a gymnast for 8 years until she suffered a back injury while performing a beam routine. Even though she wanted to do sports, as she entered high school, her back hurt sitting and standing. “There was no way I could do any strenuous activity,” she said.

However, Mozingo’s injury doesn’t keep her from being one of the biggest sports fans at AMHS. Frequently seen at football and boys soccer games, she does her best to support as many sports team as she can, catching the ferry late at night to go back home to Whidbey. “I love the energy at football games and the sense of community, but I understand soccer more so it’s more enjoyable to actually watch those games,” she commented. 

Mozingo is a perfect example of someone who doesn’t let their inability to play sports interfere with their love for them. 

Some people don’t enjoy sports, some choose to participate in other activities, and others have had their opportunity to play ripped away by childhood injuries. We can’t all be athletes. That’s just how the world works. 


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